Welcome to Pretweet


Welcome to PreTweet, a new tool designed to help you compose social media updates without sounding like everybody else.

We’ve surveyed hundreds of people – friends, journalists, social media “experts” and asked them to list the words and stock phrases that they’re sick of seeing on Facebook and Twitter.

We’re just as guilty of using some of these words and phrases as anyone. Sometimes they’re appropriate, some things really are “amazing” and some articles really are a “must-read”, but nothing – NOTHING – has ever been “hilaire”.

Simply copy and paste a social media update into the box below and any phrases that are in our database will be crossed out, giving you a chance to rethink whether or not you really want to tell the world that you are off on your “holibobs”.

The fast nature of social media means the list will change constantly, and we’ll be updating it daily. If you have any suggestions, please email us at pretweet@houstonpr.co.uk

Hall of Shame

Here’s a small selection from the thousands of phrases that the our tool is aiming to rid the world of:

"all the gin",
"all the meat",
"all the wine",
"asking for a friend",
"best. boyfriend. ever.",
"best. day. ever.",
"broke the intenet",
"broken the internet",
"cannot unsee",
"can't unsee",
"cheeky burger king",
"cheeky burrito",
"cheeky kebab",
"cheeky kfc",
"cheeky little",
"cheeky mcdonalds",
"cheeky nandos",
"cheeky pint",
"daily fail",
"daily heil",
"day = made",
"epic fail",
"epic win",
"get in mah belly",
"gin o'clock",
"google is your friend",


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